Turn your Apple tablet into a laptop with one of these iPad keyboard cases

Apple makes the best tablets on the market, with its successful iPad and iPad Pro devices remaining widely popular even among people who don’t own iPhones or MacBooks. If you own one or are thinking …
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Turn your iPad into the iOS-powered MacBook Apple refuses to make with this Logitech accessory

Like it or not, there is no chance whatsoever that Apple will ever make a laptop that runs iOS. It’s true that iOS apps will run on Mac computers… someday… but that’s not the same at all.
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Huskies turn to young Joe Tryon, a one-time WSU commit, in hopes of solving pass-rush problems in Apple Cup

The statistics, once again, are mighty impressive for Washington State’s offense approaching Friday’s 111th Apple Cup. A few of the most notable numbers: — 40.5 points per game, No. 1 in the Pac-12 — …
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How to turn off iPad Pro

Press the volume up button for one second, press the volume down button for one second, and then press and hold the Top button for several seconds until the power off slider appears. Slide to …
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