Aug 212007

iMac, “the very model of a modern Macintosh,” may have evolved over the years into “this new aluminum fighter-jet of a personal computer, but the same idea is retained: You can put everything you need in a computer into an all-in-one design that actually looks good on a desk,” reports Jeff Carlson (Seattle Times).

Aug 202007

“If lovin’ this phone is wrong,” pines Etan Horowitz (, “I don’t want to be right.” He calls iPhone “the most fun and easy to use gadget I’ve ever laid my hands on” and says that “carrying it in my pocket made me feel connected to the world the way I do when I’m surfing the Internet on a high-speed connection.” In fact, “Safari, the iPhone’s Internet browser, lets you display up to eight Web pages at once, and it’s easy to move among them.” Horowitz “was also impressed by the battery life, which gave me nearly six hours of talking, Internet browsing and video watching before I needed to charge it.”