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  1. Arsim Murtezi says:

    Microsoft won! Now I know why my Windows 10 is not working like my windows XP worked. Why Windows 10 was having troubles on my PC, becose of the Stupied Apple and Google. What do you want apple and Google? Why do you have to use more than 30 GB on my PC. I didn't know that you were hacking on my PC and my Hard Drive had more than 30 GB data where I did not know what was making 30 GB in use. Google and Apple you used 30 GB on my PC to spy me and Microsoft? That is not fair! Anyways you don't have any chansse against US.

  2. ALBER PAJARES says:

    Both got good and bad points: apple systems and hardware are optimal in speed and durability, Microsoft is easy to use and such good compatibility,..

  3. writerconsidered says:

    The war is over Linux wins by a landslide. We just have to wait for everyone to catch up. Now I'll watch the video.

  4. Electro Husky says:

    I have windows 10 home edition but some random times a warning pop ups that i have to upgrade to windows 10 pro

  5. Dark-EyedTraveler says:

    I have both a Mac and a windows PC. I use the PC for its sheer performance per $ invested, and i use the Mac professionally as it has some advantages for programmers. It really is true that each have their strengths and weaknesses.

  6. Phillip Johnson says:

    Beginning to wonder if Nazi Germany did lose WW2!? Perhaps Nazi Germany is/was/were reborn as authoritarian corporate, public institutions, academia, and governmental policies!?

    Microsoft, Apple, and Google ALL started out as useful tools…now they ALL are just elicit data collecting monsters, security privacy violators, a user base police force of censorship, and an authoritarian software and web/internet access controller even the illicit criminal hackers are dragging down the usefulness of these tools.

    Sad and excessive greedy times we live in now…this trend outlook seems to going more upwards, not downwards. When the Foxes are watching the Hen House it is time to be concerned!

  7. Hamsters like tennis says:

    "Hey siri
    What's 0 divided by 0"
    Siri: "Imagine you have 0 cookies and split them fairly with 0 people, see? It doesn't make sense. And cookie monster is sad that you have no cookies. And you are sad that you have no friends"

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