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  1. Bebe says:

    I was between the MacBook Pro with retina display and that new MacBook but the new one was £50 more than the MacBook Pro with retina but had worse specs?

  2. lyncarlynne says:

    haven't watched these vlogs… since…. well… anyways. 
    what camera!?? the video quality is awesome

  3. alejandra says:

    I haven't watched this vlogs in a long time, and to be honest i'm happy that Allie now vlogs too and that she's not that shy anymore and i'm happy to see that Charles is happy too :)

  4. Tomas Beli says:

    I have my MacBook Air and as programer and computer engineer this is the only thing i need, it is powerful for me to connect broken computer or computer par to it and it can process everything fast, it is unbelievably thin and light.
    I had it for 2 years never had a single complain, only when i did really hard programming back in the 2013 for my job it would slow down a little because i have photoshop, x code and Parallels desktop running windows and on windows running Visual Studio. But that is something that would slow down every computer.
    +It replaced my iPad because of its thinness and portability, it is amazing for work and for enjoyment!

  5. K says:

    "Why would you want a computer iPad?"
    Why would you buy Apple expecting power?
    Why would you buy two computers without any research put into it?

  6. Cam Dachs says:

    NICE! LOVE the GOLD but yeah you are right I dont like it either. But hope they keep the gold thing though.

  7. TacomaPaul says:

    I bought an Acer laptop 4 years ago.  Plugged in a monitor and keyboard and it's the best computer ever.

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