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  1. Anhad Singha says:

    Why didn't you just install it on bootcamp? I don't understand why I'm getting these videos on my network

  2. Dragos Andrei says:

    Actually, in Windows, you can easily screenshot any part of the screen by just pressing WinKey+Shift+S. A very intuitive UI will jump right up allowing you to freely crop whatever you want from your screen directly.

  3. AWDTH1111 says:

    The iPad Pro has completely replaced everything I needed a MacBook for. And all the things I can’t do on the iPad I can do on a windows laptop and more, especially things like gaming. Windows laptop and iPad Pro has been a perfect combo for me.

  4. Mark R. says:

    Snipping tool works great, and it's built-in (no need for an app)
    And for People who switch from windows to mac the mail app on the mac is terrible, especially if you're used to firefox which is way better on both windows and mac. (Also your mail can cross-sync way better)

  5. Brandon M says:

    Switched to MacOS after a LIFETIME of using Windows machines very recently. In fact I'm still in the new phase of Mac hence my looking to YouTube for tutorials and stumbled across this video.

    It was scary at first not knowing what I could do with the Mac machine but its the synchronization between all of my Apple devices that is an absolute game changer for me. Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone. Everything works as one unit and that is just too amazing.

    As an iCloud subscriber for me and my wife it is also amazingly simple and effortless as everything seems to automate in the background without user input. Thats. perfect!

    Everything on my MacBook Air Retina is perfect. Finally Apple released a machine where the price was right (albeit still a little bit steep) but affordable for this old windows user to make the leap and never look back!

  6. usman tariq says:

    Windows = Bullshit. I switched to a high end 12gb nividia 16gb ram i7. Banging slow. No way near as apples system. Forget that. Reverting back to Mac!

  7. SignalStream says:

    Recently purchased a Surface Book 2 – OMG – it is incredible! Using Premier Pro, and it is incredibly fast. Microsoft has also drastically improved Windows 10. It’s not like it used to be where Apple ruled home users and Microsoft ruled business. Microsoft still rules business, but now is viable for home users. For those of you who had transitioned from PC to Mac; I am sure it took some time to learn. In the same way switching back to PC running Windows 10 will be a slight learning curve. Especially since most laptops are TOUCH SCREEN (oh the luxury). There are specific gestures for touch screen, which are different then MACs. Once you get the hang of it you will wonder how you were so firm on not moving sooner.

    I still own a Mac and and the whole echo system (phones, router(switched to Netgear)TV, IMac, but I find myself using the Surface. Love the fact that it is a tablet and powerful PC/laptop.

    As you say “I’m living that Window’s life, and so far not hating it”!

  8. Jude Adeline says:

    Two years later I see this and I can't believe Google didnt tell you about Screenshot in Windows. Been there since before MacOS was born

  9. Michael M says:

    Mac and PC are both good but iOS for phones all the way. Better app optimization, messenger and FaceTime. Since your phone is made to call, text, and run apps mainly, I don't see how iOS isn't the best option

  10. Kenneth Humphrey says:

    Macs operating system and programs are simply better. Apple takes your money right away and Microsoft sells advertising and subscriptions. Apple's software can run on less powerful machines because it doesn't need the extra power for the programs that Microsoft is running in the background. If you're just comparing operating systems then Mac would win hands down. As far as hardware PCs have many different options where Apple only has the models they're making. It is hard to compare a Mac to $500 PC because they don't make them. On the high end Macs have limited hardware and are only good for the people that use their products and services. If you buy comparable computers today the Mac would hold its value years later and the PC would be obsolete. Apple keeps their computers up to date to the most current operating system for that model. Microsoft might keep their operating system up to date but they can’t factor in all the different possibilities of a manufacturer. Because of this and OS they are more prone to viruses and maleware.

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