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More Locks on the iPhone

Article: Apple cuts off unofficial avenue for rebuffed iPhone apps

After an iPhone app developer successfully discovered a workaround for being turned down at the App Store in iTunes, Apple has cracked down and barred an unofficial method as well, potentially raising an anti-competition dispute.

Almerica, the creator of a podcast download and playback tool known as Podcaster, faced a second hurdle in as many weeks when Apple shut down access to creating ad hoc licenses for the utility.
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$99.00 iPhone Unlock, for now


This should be fun until Apple upgrades the fix out the door, check out the disclaimer below…

The reseller or his/her customer must install on the iPhone our software, available by mail or through direct download from our site. This is a standard .app file and once installed on the iphone it will show up as a springboard icon on the main screen.

The reseller must log into our back office and enter the required data specific to that iPhone (his license credit will be subtracted).

Once done, the reseller or the customer must run the .app, which will communicate via the iPhone WiFi to our server. If the iPhone has been registered, the software will proceed to unlock the iPhone.

It is that easy! In the unlikely case of any problem happening, we have a 24/7 hotline to assist our resellers.


We CANNOT guarantee that this software will work after any future updates for the iPhone. It does currently work on all firmware versions, up to and including, 1.02
We will naturally try to provide our resellers an updated version of our software for each firmware update, it is in our interest, but we do NOT guarantee that we will be able to do so. All updates will be free.


iPhone Not Boob Proof

Pop Snapple Crack, Smoke em if you got em…


We were so happy, all the software part was done, so we started opening the iphone. The antenna cover was a bit tricky but eventually it came off. Then we started to open the metal cover (after taking out the 3 screws) and PUFF, up it went in smoke, I think my collegue must have touched something. It literally went up in black smoke. I was so hot that when I tried to pick it up I burnt my fingers. So, this is for shure the most difficult part of the whole process. I don’t know what he did, as I had just stepped out of the room to fetch something when I heard a scream…they got such a fright. I will post a photo of the iphone… To everybody out there, be carefull….


iPhone Sim Free

1. Would all the same features still work?

Yes. Except for Visual Voice mail (which is an exclusive AT&T feature), all features currently available on locked phones will be available on unlocked phones. *

2. Is it resistant to updates?

While we have taken all possible measures to ensure that the phone will remain unlocked, we can only guarantee the current released versions of updates (up to and including 1.0.2). With any of these versions, even if the phone is fully restored, the phone will remain unlocked.

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