Apple Apps Review

Delivery Status Touch Apple App

Dashboard widget and iOS app that lets you easily track packages from a enormous list of carriers (both international and domestic) plus companies like Amazon and Google Checkout. With the Mac, you can be notified of status changes via Growl, and on iOS it uses push notifications. If you use both, as I do, packages are seamlessly synced.
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TheFind: Mobile Shopping

Finally, an app that works the way you actually shop! TheFind makes you the smartest shopper:
➔ Guaranteed to show you the most matching products & find the BEST PRICES compared to any other shopping app
➔ 24 MILLION people like you shop across 150K merchants every month with already! Take advantage of this patented search technology combined with “impossibly accurate barcode scans” from Red Laser

Never miss a deal while shopping online while at home, or at the mall. TheFind is the first shopping app to tie your online and offline shopping experience together, effortlessly. Do your research at home on, and access it instantly with TheFind Mobile while you’re at a local store. Read more