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How to copy and paste on a Mac computer, and from a Mac to other Apple devices

The copy and paste function is one of the great triumphs of the computer era. Whether you’re copying and pasting a quote or a statistic while writing an essay for class, or adding a link to an email …
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Apple rolls out third public beta builds of iOS 12.3 and macOS 10.14.5

One day after providing the latest set of beta builds for developer testing, Apple has made the third public beta counterparts for iOS 12.3 and macOS 10.14.5 available to download for those …
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Samsung’s Surprising Galaxy Fold Delay Vs Apple’s Embarrassing MacBook Pro Problems

Samsung has announced that the release of the Galaxy Fold has been delayed. Given the intense negativity surrounding the bendable smartphone following reviewers’ bad experiences, this is not only a …
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Apple Loop: Powerful New iPhone Expected, Apple’s Embarrassing Surrender, MacBook Keyboard Problems

Apple Loop is here to remind you of a few of the very many … I am stupid for buying another one of these computers, but only as stupid as any of us are for learning to love these dumb tech products …
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