Dec 292013

BudFits Double Pack for iPod and iPhone earbuds (Pink and Purple) -- not compatible with new Apple EarPods

  • The most secure and comfortable way to wear iPod & iPhone earbuds
  • Keep iPod earbuds from falling out during physical activities
  • Compatible with all iPod & iPhone earbuds (Not compatible with non-Apple earbuds)
  • iPod & iPhone earbuds not included
  • Easily flex to fit all ear sizes and shapes

iPod earbuds have reached iconic status and are the outward symbol to the world that you own an iPod instead of a generic digital media player. Yet iPod earbuds can be uncomfortable and fall out of many people’s ears during physical activities like exercise and extreme sports. There is a solution. Get BudFits. If you want to take your iPod with you during all aspects of your active lifestyle, then BudFits are for you. BudFits will ensure your iPod earbuds won’t fall out during even the most dema