Jun 282013

Logitech 982-000071 UE 4000 Headphones - White

  • UE Sound Signature: Pure, undiluted, immersive sound that?s rich, clear and perfectly tuned
  • Grab-and-go design: Compact, durable and easy to pack in your bag with included zippered travel pouch
  • Lightweight on-ear comfort: Plush memory-foam cushions, soft-as-leather surfaces and adjustable headband
  • 2-person sharing splitter: Share music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad with two jacks for your headphones and a friend?s
  • On-cord music/call controls and mic: Adjust volume, pause, answer/end calls without touching your smartphone or tablet. (Functionality may vary on non-Apple devices.)

The Ultimate Ears 4000 Headphones are the first headphones worthy of the UE name. These powerful headphones deliver pure, undiluted audio that’s rich, clear, and perfectly tuned for music that’s alive with depth, authenticity and emotion.