Mar 142013

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  23 Responses to “How To Make Whatsapp Work On iPod Touch And iPad [ IOS 5.1.1 & Below ] – Jailbreak Required”



  3. i downloaded whatsapp on my ipad3 with 3g n wifi n i have got it jailbroken.when i open whatsapp i have to enter my cell no, it ask for a code.but i dont receive the code on my ipad with the same micro sim im using in it.but if i use an alternate no which i use on my blaclberry n put that no in Whatsapp in the ipad, i receive a text msg with code on my phone bb .i want to use the same cell no thats on my do i get to see the code? hope u can help me out sid….

  4. wow it really worked!! thanks a lot!

  5. when i go to installous and search whatsapp nothings coming out….

  6. watch my whatsapp video, it is bound to work.

  7. watch my whatsapp video, it is bound to work!

  8. watch my video, it is bound to work!

  9. probably not, you should watch my whatsapp video, it is bound to work!

  10. Same problem here. Now I can’t even chat anymore :/

  11. Whatsapp 2.8.7 is not available anymore for 4.2.1 devices (like iphone 3g or ipod touch 2g)
    if I install an older version, it doesn’t allow me to keep using it, it says I have to download the new version. What can I do :'(

  12. Will this work on a jailbroken ipod 4g with ios 6.0.1

  13. Thnx!

  14. hi gaminglord007 i have tried to install whatspad …but still when i try to start whatsapp and after entering my mobile number it is giving “Could not connect to whatsapp server”..can u plz guide me so that i can connect to whatsapp without any error…

  15. Thanks mate worked on iOS 6 iPod Touch 4G

  16. Did you download the latest version from install0us ?

  17. When I enter my phone number, appear a message that says: “Status: Fail-old version RESULT (Null)”

  18. it dont ask for my phone number, the programm shut…

  19. Awesome Man! It works on my iphone 3g running on 4.2.1. 5 stars!!!

  20. Bro, thank you!

  21. Search: ”whatsapp”

  22. I cant find it in my installous PLEASE I REALLY NEED HELP !

  23. @Alexander Javier Kreuzer Sanchéz HOW?!