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  1. fradkhan says:

    i downloaded whatsapp on my ipad3 with 3g n wifi n i have got it jailbroken.when i open whatsapp i have to enter my cell no, it ask for a code.but i dont receive the code on my ipad with the same micro sim im using in it.but if i use an alternate no which i use on my blaclberry n put that no in Whatsapp in the ipad, i receive a text msg with code on my phone bb .i want to use the same cell no thats on my ipad.how do i get to see the code? hope u can help me out sid….

  2. nfinnnn says:

    Whatsapp 2.8.7 is not available anymore for 4.2.1 devices (like iphone 3g or ipod touch 2g)
    if I install an older version, it doesn’t allow me to keep using it, it says I have to download the new version. What can I do :'(

  3. arjun v says:

    hi gaminglord007 i have tried to install whatspad …but still when i try to start whatsapp and after entering my mobile number it is giving “Could not connect to whatsapp server”..can u plz guide me so that i can connect to whatsapp without any error…

  4. masterboti96 says:

    When I enter my phone number, appear a message that says: “Status: Fail-old version RESULT (Null)”

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