Mar 142013

GameSpot pays tribute to the extraordinary life of Steve Jobs in this special episode of Appetite for Distraction.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  24 Responses to “Appetite For Distraction – Steve Jobs Video Obituary”

  1. Incredibly effective material! In fact I’m going to use a number of the ideas in my subsequent project.

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  4. i hope he can reboot…

  5. funny how you wouldnt think that way if it was anyone else without a famous name.

  6. @dreitill

    Always happy to help. Hope your weekend is great. Personally, I’m gonna do a lot of reflecting and soul searching.

  7. Yes, Gamespot has informed me of that as well as removed those ads. Thanks for taking the time to respond, hopefully more will be informed about this as well. I didnt know it at the time.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  8. RIP man….. why do the legends die at a young age

  9. @dreitill

    Youtube doesn’t check the contents of videos. Ads are placed on the videos of Youtube partners automatically.

  10. manly tears. even though i’m no big fans of apple’s product, i’m still sad. rest in peace, steve jobs.

  11. At first I thought the one who speaks is Dex from Machinima -.-

  12. R.I.P steve jobs an icon and a legend we’ll miss u.

  13. You’re still a subscriber, stop posting useless comments, troll….

  14. R.i.p u will be missed steve

  15. Dont be sad people there’s still blowjobs

  16. RIP Steve Jobs, one of the greatest.

  17. Not a big fan of apple products, but thank you for changing the world steve, /salute

  18. 2:22 Death Note? XD

  19. R.I.P Steve Jobs 

  20. Thank you steve jobs for the great inventions, and the simplistic evolving of technology today

  21. RIP Steve! You will be remember!
    And fuck those disliker!

  22. RIP Steve, you were a legend

  23. Beautiful

  24. Im not gonna start a flame war with you PC fans, but please show some respect.