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  1. JobsLondon says:

    Incredibly effective material! In fact I’m going to use a number of the ideas in my subsequent project.

  2. Cátia Rodrigues says:


    DId you check out STEVE JOBS QUOTES AND TRIVIA APP on the Apple Store???

    A nice way of remembering this GREAT MAN on your iOS device!!!

    Check the reviews for the opinions of other people ;)

    If you like it, please share it!!! :)

  3. Joseph Grutt says:


    Always happy to help. Hope your weekend is great. Personally, I’m gonna do a lot of reflecting and soul searching.

  4. Stefan Gretarsson says:

    Yes, Gamespot has informed me of that as well as removed those ads. Thanks for taking the time to respond, hopefully more will be informed about this as well. I didnt know it at the time.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Joseph Grutt says:


    Youtube doesn’t check the contents of videos. Ads are placed on the videos of Youtube partners automatically.

  6. liquidsnakeckw says:

    manly tears. even though i’m no big fans of apple’s product, i’m still sad. rest in peace, steve jobs.

  7. TheRagev3 says:

    Thank you steve jobs for the great inventions, and the simplistic evolving of technology today

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