Mar 092013

Unlimited FREE ringtones for iPhone And iPod Touch 2012 Cydia App/Tweak How i Get Free Amazon and iTunes Giftcards its Legit!! Link Here: My FULL Guide How To Get Paid Apps For FREE Here: More Ways ADDED SHARE This VIDEO! Click To Tweet: Check Out My (NEW) Website: Name UnlimTones Price: Free Repo: BigBoss Category: Multimedia Author: UnlimApps Description: The Best Ringtone Application Installs directly to ringtones in your settings app/Sound/Ringtone Panel View iDeviceMovies Videos: Like Everything iDevice on Facebook: Follow iDeviceMovies on Twitter: Follow Jeremy on Twitter: Check out Jeremy’s iBlog: About iDeviceMovies I am here to create you helpful video Tutorials, Reviews and Walkthroughs. iDeviceMovies covers iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Jailbreak, Cydia, Tweaks, Mods, Hacks, Apps, Themes, Apple News and More Coming Soon. Created By Jeremy Kahl

  24 Responses to “How To Make iPhone Ringtones FREE With UnlimTones Cydia App – Best Cydia Apps & Tweaks iOS 5&6”

  1. Zombie ringtones bloood

  2. Unlimtones

  3. there is a way, youtube it. but it will delete all your songs. so yeah.

  4. Here’s the thing, I just got my iPhone and everything, but idk if I should jailbreak that. I jailbroke my iPod Touch, but I’m trying to download ringtones on there and put them on iTunes but it wont let me. So is there a possible way or not?

  5. Its a dope app ! Thanks (:

  6. What is the name of it?

  7. it works thx

  8. fuckin loved it man on my 3gs..niiiice

  9. really you that dumb please read the title before watching videos

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  11. whats the name of it

  12. its from an app from the app store.

  13. Can u please put a link for the wallpaper

  14. Your my hero cheers mate

  15. i go to it & it keeps closing me out of it. do i need to update another app?

  16. very helpful, thank you :) xx

  17. jk had to back out 

  18. it wont show in my ringtones

  19. Best

  20. Your the bes

  21. Jailbreakbj(dot)com/?v=84366

  22. Thanks for the help.

  23. how do you get it i cant get it

  24. thank u for helping