Feb 152013

Ipod Touch Premium High Grade Leather Vertical Case Removable Clip Magnetic Closure Black Spring And Swivel Clip

  • 360 Degree Swivel Belt Clip Is Included
  • Spring Belt Clip is Included.
  • Featuring Long Lasting High Quality Semi-Glossy Finish High Grade Leather
  • All Leather Interior To Protect Your Ipod Touch And Avoid Scratches
  • Keep Your Ipod Touch On Your Belt Or Purse Strap And Avoid Loosing It

Beautiful vertical top load case made in high quality semi-glossy finish high grade leather designed to fit your Ipod Touch. This versatile case, has a slot in the back to accommodate two different clips: a fixed spring clip and an included 360 degree swivel clip. You can also use this case without any clip and since the clip mount is removable, the back of case will remain flat. It has a magnetic closure on the case flap that will keep your phone safely inside the case without affecting it’s op