Minecraft Fancy Gui Mod! NEW TITLE SCREEN!!

The Fancy GUI Mod is a mod for Minecraft that switches your regular start menu and pause menu with a more elegant GUI. This is a simple mod that has some features that should be in Vanilla. Take a seat and enjoy! SUBSCRIBE! www.youtube.com Facebook Group! www.facebook.com My Twitter: twitter.com Download the mod here: www.minecraftforum.net Intro Music: “West Precinct Long” A Royalty free track from the apple loops library permission for this clip can be found here: support.apple.com Outro Music: “Fifteen Fifty” A copyright free track from @ronaldjeenkes ronaldjenkees.bandcamp.com Everything in minecraft is created by Markus Persson (notch) and the game can be found at www.minecraft.net
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  1. Jose daniel gamboa percy says:

    RClauncher (RevelationCraft’s Launcher) seems to be greater title screen and pause than this

  2. usaviral says:

    i like your vids check out my site usaviral.com – i can help you get more views.. feel free to mms me at 360.941.9662

  3. jamie1051 says:

    haha, Hello Chromiumism. Haven’t heard from you in a while! Yes those darn griefers were annoying but we got there in the end.

  4. nopefully says:

    I do hope that it supports GUI scaling though, it looks a bit sparse on your hi-resolution screen.

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