Feb 082013

The Fancy GUI Mod is a mod for Minecraft that switches your regular start menu and pause menu with a more elegant GUI. This is a simple mod that has some features that should be in Vanilla. Take a seat and enjoy! SUBSCRIBE! www.youtube.com Facebook Group! www.facebook.com My Twitter: twitter.com Download the mod here: www.minecraftforum.net Intro Music: “West Precinct Long” A Royalty free track from the apple loops library permission for this clip can be found here: support.apple.com Outro Music: “Fifteen Fifty” A copyright free track from @ronaldjeenkes ronaldjenkees.bandcamp.com Everything in minecraft is created by Markus Persson (notch) and the game can be found at www.minecraft.net
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  25 Responses to “Minecraft Fancy Gui Mod! NEW TITLE SCREEN!!”

  1. RClauncher (RevelationCraft’s Launcher) seems to be greater title screen and pause than this

  2. Its pronounced Goo-Eee

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  4. i want a minecraft menu music mod :(((

  5. mojang NEEDS to add friend lists

  6. i cant connect to what ever website the download link is

  7. does it work with 1.2.5?

  8. Broke my minecraft, how to fix? Any way to delete it?

  9. Does it work with Optifine?

  10. @jamie1051 that is good

  11. youtube.com/watch?v=YxrlkJvMULI check this custom server trailer out

  12. It is pre-recorded…

  13. It’s good but it sounds way too pre-recorded..

  14. I was already going to be doing that mod! :)

  15. ExtraBiomesXL mod!

  16. wow that look awesome. im getting that mod

  17. haha, Hello Chromiumism. Haven’t heard from you in a while! Yes those darn griefers were annoying but we got there in the end.

  18. I remember that arena. Stupid griefers D:

  19. I do hope that it supports GUI scaling though, it looks a bit sparse on your hi-resolution screen.


  21. Fancy vid :)

  22. 素晴らしい (∩_∩)

  23. I am happy!

  24. I dont know how the problem fixed but it did. I hope your upload page works soon. :)

  25. be happy