Jan 282013

Finally Fix all of those iMessage, Facetime, MMS & Personal Hotspot Problems on iOS 5.1.1 & Below. Completely FREE & Works on any iPhone 4S, 4 & 3Gs with a Factory Unlock, Gevey or Ultrasn0w Unlock. i5MMS requires a Jailbreak and can be found in Cydia. Full Guide & Info HERE!: everythingapplepro.net Like me on Facebook Here!: www.facebook.com Jailbreak iOS 6 HERE!: www.youtu.be 5.1.1 Jailbreak Tutorial Here!: www.youtu.be Factory Unlock 5.1.1 Here!: www.youtu.be Notice! In the video I forgot to mention, make sure to have iMessage & Facetime in the “Off” position in Settings before you enable the patch in i5MMS. (Not a big deal if you didn’t). Then just Turn them on and wait for activation after you enable them in i5MMS.
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  24 Responses to “How To Fix iMessage/Facetime/MMS on Tmobile iPhone Unlock – 4S/4/3Gs 5.1.1 & Hotspot”

  1. my iMessage on my ipod touch doesn’t work it says ( wrong password/apple id ) , my password and my apple id are correct! , what should i do ??

  2. My unlocked iPhone 4 on t-mobile wont let me get on any app without using wifi, how can you help me ?

  3. get error on iphone 4, 5.0.1

  4. Your voice is weird

  5. i can send mms but can’t recevie mms….please help

  6. Will this work on io6.1

  7. hey bro complete fan of your work i was just wondering do you hav a link for jailbroke net10 my mms is shot

  8. Fix for Net10?

  9. Yo can you make a video to fix mms for Prepaid At&t? ios 6.0.1

  10. EAP, you are my Jesus <3 Seriously though thank you so much.

  11. It will not patch to comm center any suggestions???!!! Pleaseeeee

  12. how did u get tmobile lookin like that on the top left of your iphone

  13. I have the fix on my page! Check it out

  14. can this fix my iphone to stop getting unknown messages???????????????/

  15. Please help! I keep getting “Error: Please Install from original source”

  16. Hi, this tutorial doesn’t work anymore. i5mms ask you to download directly from the source, when you have. Do you have any updates?

  17. when i try to open i5mms… it asks me to install from original source…whats the fix?

  18. Will this work on my unlocked iPhone 4 iOS 6.0.1 on orange ?

  19. what about 6.0.1?

  20. I keep getting error saying download from original source !! How do I fix this ?

  21. I got the same thing. How do we fix this?

  22. Still getting Not Delivered now iMessage is on but not delivering messages.

  23. i got a error install from original source