Jan 222013

Strap yourself in for some explosions. My computer almost melted down while trying to record this series of videos. Explosives+ Mod: www.minecraftforum.net ● Yogscast Gear: yogscast.spreadshirt.co.uk ● Facebook: www.facebook.com ● Twitter: www.twitter.com ● Forums: yogscast.com ● Podcast: itunes.apple.com

  25 Responses to “Minecraft – Predator Missiles & Stealth Bombers – Explosives+ Mod Part 3”

  1. It is not difficult to down load Minecraft absolutely free. I downloaded it right from:

  2. You sir, you are a genius!

  3. Oh god.. If Simon had an entire chest full of this in survivor mode… May god help the Yogscast server and computers

  4. Really?!

  5. shadow of israphel is cancelled

  6. If they make a new 1

  7. That mod will be great for the next shadow of israphel

  8. I have always like how TNT makes some beautiful craters with ease, now, time to download this mod and make my adventure map awesome!

  9. Absolutely NOPE.

  10. stick of dynamite

  11. This would be epic for mining

  12. if we use this mod for minecraft war I it would be amazing

  13. Dude don’t use other people’s videos for your own advertising, if you want go buy ads on other websites.

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  15. i did it i won i nova bomed his base and tnt raind his army

  16. imagine this on a factions pvp server XD

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  18. the james bond movie u meant was goldeneye ;)

  19. whats part one?

  20. Their shape contributed as well.


  22. it doesnt

  23. I don’t think it have something similar with the AliensVSPredator mod, or movies

  24. @chiqui lim Read the title. Explosives +

  25. Technically, stealth bombers are “stealth” bombers because they were painted with special paint that made them invisible to radar.