Minecraft – Predator Missiles & Stealth Bombers – Explosives+ Mod Part 3

Strap yourself in for some explosions. My computer almost melted down while trying to record this series of videos. Explosives+ Mod: www.minecraftforum.net ● Yogscast Gear: yogscast.spreadshirt.co.uk ● Facebook: www.facebook.com ● Twitter: www.twitter.com ● Forums: yogscast.com ● Podcast: itunes.apple.com

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  1. aprilehopwoodx says:

    It is not difficult to down load Minecraft absolutely free. I downloaded it right from:

  2. XxUnicornCookiexX says:

    Oh god.. If Simon had an entire chest full of this in survivor mode… May god help the Yogscast server and computers

  3. Wiloft Candid says:

    I have always like how TNT makes some beautiful craters with ease, now, time to download this mod and make my adventure map awesome!

  4. Threadlight101 says:

    Dude don’t use other people’s videos for your own advertising, if you want go buy ads on other websites.

  5. Sky Hunter says:

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  6. CrazyCodeC says:

    Technically, stealth bombers are “stealth” bombers because they were painted with special paint that made them invisible to radar.

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