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Download & PLAY my custom Portal 2 maps! — bit.ly Jon plays the cooperative mode of “Portal 2” with fellow YouTube gamer Josh Jepson on the personal computer, as part of a complete let’s play adventure. In this video, Jon (blue) and Josh (orange) finish all of the puzzling challenges in chamber #2, “Mass And Velocity”. Video #9. Josh Jepson’s YouTube — www.youtube.com Thanks to www.youtube.com for Portal 2. Part 01: bit.ly . . . . Part 13: bit.ly Part 02: bit.ly . . . . Part 14: bit.ly Part 03: bit.ly . . . . Part 15: bit.ly Part 04: bit.ly . . . . Part 16: bit.ly Part 05: bit.ly . . . . Part 17: bit.ly Part 06: bit.ly . . . . Part 18: bit.ly Part 07: bit.ly . . . . Part 19: bit.ly Part 08: bit.ly . . . . Part 20: bit.ly Part 09: bit.ly . . . . Part 21: bit.ly Part 10: bit.ly . . . . Part 22: bit.ly Part 11: bit.ly . . . . Part 23: bit.ly Part 12: bit.ly . . . . Part 24: bit.ly ~~ Game Time ~~ Jon has enjoyed playing video games since the late 1980’s… now you can join him for some live commentary excitement as he plays some of his current and past favorites – featuring titles from the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 3, computer, and everything in between! Some games are only showcased for a few videos, while others receive a complete Let’s Play. New episodes uploaded every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Born in February 1986, Jonathan Paula is a professional YouTuber and creator of the hit web series, “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?”. In April 2006 he
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  25 Responses to “Mass & Velocity Challenges Don’t Stump Us! — Portal #9”

  1. 4 balls, two for each of you.

  2. That was quite an arguement. I fought trolls with that guy.

  3. When Josh Said it was cake i aoutomaticaly thought…

  4. In the star trek shows, whenever there’s a suggestion to lock onto something fragile with a tractor beam, someone says that that would tear it apart.
    If that logic was applied in this game, wouldn’t grabbing a flying cube, whie your flying the direction opposite the cube, damage or destroy it?

  5. I’ve read the whole argument between Jon and pokeman and first off I loved reading and laughed a couple of times but honestly I think Jon is right. I mean it not like he said the idea completely sucked he just said it was a bad idea. He didn’t sugar coat it and he shouldn’t have.

  6. And I understand that, which is why I didn’t attack, or blame him. I was merely honest with my opinion of his idea.

  7. I dont think his thought process while making his comment was to attack your skills and experience, as i don’t think anyone could pick fault with your video, but… I don’t know, I understand you took offebce to his comment but, i really think no offence was meant

  8. I wasn’t snappy, or unfair. His idea sucked. Rather than sugar-coat it like so many others, I told him like it was. His suggestion was helpful, it born out of ignorance and disregard for my talents.

  9. I gotta day i’m with pokeyman master in that argument, i don’t think a simple suggestion should be taken as a hit on your ability, pokeyman didn’t know you had previously thought of annotations for all he knew pokeyman was offering a great piece of advice. You snappy and unfair to him he was degrading you, rather offering a hand of help and guidence

  10. Valve made the Left 4 Dead series

  11. They skipped right to 4

  12. If they can’t count to three then how come they made Left 4 Dead?

  13. That was cake? THE CAKE IS A LIE!

  14. is that why they skipped to 4?

  15. Valve made Left 2 Dead as well. They don’t make bad gamers, but they can’t count to 3.

  16. Awesome timing. This video ended right as I finished making my bed before going to bed. I didn’t make the bed in the morning

  17. Tf2 is free, I’d like to see a bit of a gameplay, if you dont mind. Tf2 or CS:S

  18. This has nothing to do with “fame”, and everything to do with your not respecting me, and over-reacting to my honest reply.

    You aren’t s dick because of this, you’re a dick all the reasons I already carefully explained.

    And you haven’t seen all my replies… barely 1% of them. So please don’t presume to understand my personality or behavior.

  19. And one more thing. Because of your part in Jpizzle, you let your “fame” get in the way of everything else. Learn to take things lightly, and joke around with your viewers, actually appreciate them coming to take the time out of their day to watch your videos. Instead of taking everything seriously and acting like a jerk to everyone you reply to. I’ve seen your replys, and the majority of them make you look, oh lets say mean.
    Yeah, another suggestion. Now tell me how I’m a dick because of this.

  20. Are you suggesting I *shouldn’t* think positively of myself? Are you suggesting I’m *not* a skilled video editor with 12-years of professional experience? Because that’s what it sounds like.

    Constructive criticism is fine… but your idea still sucked, sorry.

  21. Oh wow, you think a lot of yourself “Someone of my skill-level and experience”.
    And you apparently don’t understand what-if’s. I offered a simple suggestion in the nicest way possible, constructive criticism if you will, and you just had to make me feel bad by saying it was horrible. So you know what? Because you had to act like a child and have a BF over a simple suggestion, I’m just going to do the mature thing and leave. If you reply to this, don’t expect a reply back.

  22. Well, I simply wouldn’t have. I would have respected the creator’s decision, and his ability to make his videos effectively. I would have been operating under the assumption that, if something was removed from the video, chances are, it was for a good reason. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that someone of my skill-level and experience would just randomly dump 60-seconds of great commentary for no reason.

    It’s more likely the commentary was moved, was silence, or not worth listening to.

  23. So tell me, if you were me, and you wanted to make the suggestion, how would you have said it?

  24. I’m sorry, but that’s just now how my personality works. It was a bad idea, and I want you to understand that, and why. It’s frustrating that our society perpetuates stupidity and ignorance because we’re afraid to be honest.

    And even if it was a bad idea, I still would have thanked you — if not for the fact that your suggestion came from a place of condescension and arrogance. And yet, you still accuse me of being ignorant, and a dick. If anyone is here, that’d be you.

  25. Yes! The 5 seconds it takes you to say “Thanks for the idea, but I don’t think I’ll be using it” beats the hours you spend arguing with me like an ignorant child. I would have much preferred you lie to me, because I wouldn’t have even known!