Jan 122013

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  25 Responses to “Minecraft ExtraBiomesXL Mod! OVER 25 NEW BIOMES!”


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  3. Mars on Earth?

  4. i think he on about ‘better than wolfves’ mod

  5. Thanks for this mod!
    I did not even know this exists !!!

  6. Turn on english transcribed captions @ 4:01
    Npc *******

  7. 404’d >.>

  8. i coulda just fired mah lazor at him but reporting is more sane i guess

  9. yeah what are they

  10. YES YES !.2.5!!! YES

  11. i cant find any of the biomes that are after 6:16

  12. what is the seed and locations ?

  13. BTW: Better Than Wolfes

  14. Ha plain biomes are as boring as fuck xD

  15. I like MC villages like that!

  16. wait a second the woodlands look nothing like the woodlands in my back yard… The trees in my backyard are rectangular not square!!!

  17. I really like the red rocks/mountain ridge biome, it reminds of the grand canyon landscape.

  18. better than wolves ;_;

  19. What did it interfere with?

  20. Notch really needs to put this into the game! Nice video Jamie.

  21. @jamie1051. I have reported him like 200 times! That guy is a bastard!

  22. @D4NI3LGONZALEZZ – Just download Magic Launcher. It does all of the mod installs for you.

  23. goddamnit it did ;_;

  24. oh dear god I hope this doesn’t interfere with BTW

  25. Bleeps it when he swore in every other video he has XD