Jan 112013

Android Mini PC MK808 With Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1

Get the MK808 with the latest 1080p firmware already installed here amzn.to ++++++++++++++++ My new favorite Android mini is the iMito MX1. Get it here amzn.to See my video on the iMito MX1 here www.youtube.com +++++++++++++++ Here’s how to install a custom rooted ROM on the MK808 www.youtube.com ++++++++++++++++ Here’s the newest version of my 55 inch Sony HDTV amzn.to ++++++++++++++++ Get the latest news and updates on the MK808 here bitly.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  25 Responses to “Android Mini PC MK808 With Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1”

  1. iMiTO MX2 is much better. MX1 has aluminium cover that cuases a poor WiFi signal. MX2 has plastik cover that doesn’t disrupt you WiFi signal and it also has pinholes on case that gives a air conditioning to you CPU :)

  2. i would prefer iMiTo MX2 or the best reasonable TV stick Rikomagik MK802 IIIS that has Bluetooth, good WiFi signal, nice designing, RK3066, 1GB RAM / 8GB NAND, flash and also own remote control android App
    MK808 is just SHIT and not more. only SHIT !!!!
    it has neither eMMC nor NAND . it’s just a shit mini SD class 2 or 4 that causes 25 lower data speed than eMMC or NAND . eMMC would be really perfect but… :(

  3. Can you watch cuevana.tv with this devices, if so i´m interested in some units.

  4. Hi Android OS is building in? or i need to connect a microcard in order to run it? Regards

  5. were your parents weezer fans?

  6. hey man after watching ur video and researching the different ones out there im still confused as to which one i can buy. ur video got me wanting one badly after seeing wat it can do.
    my main concern is can i put a nice stable ROM in any of these, and WHERE can i find these ROMS. im looking to spend 50-60 bucks but wouldnt mind paying a little more

  7. Hi is the SAIN SMART SS808 THE SAME AS THE MK808 Iis it the same device with different name thanks.

  8. How would you set it up if you have cable?

  9. Dos anyone know if the Wireless supports 5GHz?

  10. Does this support hulu plus

  11. Very good information, I had no idea of the technology of this
    device, I had a very great education watching your video! Thank you very much, have a great day..

  12. Hello i have a quastion. I have the UG007 but all of my icons on the homescreen and in the application folder have a ugly blue square. Any idea how i can rid of them?

  13. Does it work with external hard drives?

  14. The 809 is probably a little better but the specs are almost the same. you need to conciser the ROM support also. I would recommend the iMito mx1 if you plan to update it at all. If your interested u can see more about it in my other videos.

  15. yes, just hold down on the home button

  16. the gk802 but its still getting a few bugs worked out right now. I would recommend the imito mx1 right now.

  17. MK808B has BT. Anyway.. great review but I didn’t see any 24Hz option. Only 50 and 60Hz. Do you know if 24Hz is supported and does it play DTS smoothly?

  18. If I had a powered USB hub could I plug in an External Hard Drive and Keyboard IR dongle into the device?

  19. hi, great vids :) just wondering whats better mk808 or mk809? thanks.

  20. also, does the imito have a BT audio profile wherein i can stream the audio onto the BT speakers? say while watching movies? and what about the audio lag (if any)

  21. thanks. i read ur posts on forums too. My use is pretty basic. A reliable Wifi is utmost priority. imito is around $65 and UG/MX(b) at $50. U rate the imito’s wifi better than others? I dont want to go into “quick fix” and mods. i hear lot of problems of wifi. please suggest. thanks :)

  22. does it have google now??

  23. which is latest android mini pc ?

  24. No, the MK808 doesn’t have Bluetooth. Check out my iMito MX1 review it does have built in Bluetooth.

  25. Thanks, I love these things.