Android Mini PC MK808 With Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1

Android Mini PC MK808 With Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1

Get the MK808 with the latest 1080p firmware already installed here ++++++++++++++++ My new favorite Android mini is the iMito MX1. Get it here See my video on the iMito MX1 here +++++++++++++++ Here’s how to install a custom rooted ROM on the MK808 ++++++++++++++++ Here’s the newest version of my 55 inch Sony HDTV ++++++++++++++++ Get the latest news and updates on the MK808 here
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  1. Astala vista says:

    iMiTO MX2 is much better. MX1 has aluminium cover that cuases a poor WiFi signal. MX2 has plastik cover that doesn’t disrupt you WiFi signal and it also has pinholes on case that gives a air conditioning to you CPU :)

  2. Astala vista says:

    i would prefer iMiTo MX2 or the best reasonable TV stick Rikomagik MK802 IIIS that has Bluetooth, good WiFi signal, nice designing, RK3066, 1GB RAM / 8GB NAND, flash and also own remote control android App
    MK808 is just SHIT and not more. only SHIT !!!!
    it has neither eMMC nor NAND . it’s just a shit mini SD class 2 or 4 that causes 25 lower data speed than eMMC or NAND . eMMC would be really perfect but… :(

  3. witchhunt91 says:

    hey man after watching ur video and researching the different ones out there im still confused as to which one i can buy. ur video got me wanting one badly after seeing wat it can do.
    my main concern is can i put a nice stable ROM in any of these, and WHERE can i find these ROMS. im looking to spend 50-60 bucks but wouldnt mind paying a little more

  4. ann55771 says:

    Hi is the SAIN SMART SS808 THE SAME AS THE MK808 Iis it the same device with different name thanks.

  5. MrWHT1992 says:

    Very good information, I had no idea of the technology of this
    device, I had a very great education watching your video! Thank you very much, have a great day..

  6. DeliriousEvents says:

    Hello i have a quastion. I have the UG007 but all of my icons on the homescreen and in the application folder have a ugly blue square. Any idea how i can rid of them?

  7. Somecooltech1 says:

    The 809 is probably a little better but the specs are almost the same. you need to conciser the ROM support also. I would recommend the iMito mx1 if you plan to update it at all. If your interested u can see more about it in my other videos.

  8. Somecooltech1 says:

    the gk802 but its still getting a few bugs worked out right now. I would recommend the imito mx1 right now.

  9. BennyWheelie says:

    MK808B has BT. Anyway.. great review but I didn’t see any 24Hz option. Only 50 and 60Hz. Do you know if 24Hz is supported and does it play DTS smoothly?

  10. nycgaor99 says:

    If I had a powered USB hub could I plug in an External Hard Drive and Keyboard IR dongle into the device?

  11. Rishi Doshi says:

    also, does the imito have a BT audio profile wherein i can stream the audio onto the BT speakers? say while watching movies? and what about the audio lag (if any)

  12. Rishi Doshi says:

    thanks. i read ur posts on forums too. My use is pretty basic. A reliable Wifi is utmost priority. imito is around $65 and UG/MX(b) at $50. U rate the imito’s wifi better than others? I dont want to go into “quick fix” and mods. i hear lot of problems of wifi. please suggest. thanks :)

  13. Somecooltech1 says:

    No, the MK808 doesn’t have Bluetooth. Check out my iMito MX1 review it does have built in Bluetooth.

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