Dec 292012

Jon plays the RPG cult-classic, “EarthBound”, on the Super Nintendo, as part of a complete let’s play adventure. In this video, Jon travels thousands of years into the past as a small robot to fight his to, and then do battle with evil incarnate himself, Master Giygas, and his annoying little…

  25 Responses to “FINAL BOSS BATTLE: The Evil Giygas — Earthbound #32”

  1. You’re not making any sense, sorry.

  2. That’s what i was talking about, actually.

  3. Old how? SMW is even older.

  4. The other part could be because it’s an old playthrough.

  5. This game’s ending is so magic! When i ended the came i started clapping myu hands and yelling like a retarded. Can someone answer me im mother 3 is as good as earthbound? Im thinking about starting mother 3. Jon, did you play mother 3?

  6. Happy 500’th!

  7. There’s some of that to it, yes — but not all of it.

  8. You’ve to admit, though, it’s probably because Mario is better known than Earthbound.

  9. Brainshock works.

  10. I don’t know… is it? It’s always been around ~2,000 or so. Which is unfortunate, ’cause the SMW LP routinely grabbed 15k+

  11. I’m so happy to see that the view count is up on these Earthbound videos! This game play is so exciting!

  12. Jon why u so awsome :P?

  13. If you show me respect, and are polite, I’m always friendly and polite in return. Just because I leave a one or two word answer doesn’t mean I’m being rude — it just means I’m in a hurry. Please don’t infer my tone through a few YouTube comments.

  14. If jon ever LPs mother 3 that would be amazing

  15. In pure honesty, why are you rude and unfriendly to the people that watch your videos? Even when we give you positive comments and compliments, you don’t treat us very well? And it seems like every time someone asks a question, no matter what the subject of the question is. you are just plain rude to us. I am not even that much of a fan of yours but seriously, what is your problem? Are you just anti-social?

  16. Yeah, it really grinds my gears when people get things like that wrong. >:(

  17. Next week, likely.

  18. when are u starting your uncharted gametime??!

  19. hmmm are you sure im sure it was a rape by a lake.,,but i might have a crappy memory and your probably right

  20. So excited for the conclusion! This has been my favourite GameTime series of all :D

  21. lol? sorry xD

  22. It wasn’t a rape, it was a murder.

  23. Final Boss: Abortion -_-

  24. 26? Lol?

  25. You can’t believe I don’t remember that? Again, may I remind you: I haven’t played this game in over 17 years. How old are you?