Dec 282012

AT&T To Charge For FaceTime? iOS 6 b3 And Jailbreak, Apple Forced To Clarify Dispute & More

Welcome to the ninety-seventh episode of BestTechInfo and Rumors! Topics: Apple releases iOS 6 beta 3, Dev Team releases Jailbreak, AT&T may charge for or restrict FaceTime over cellular, Apple forced to clarify Samsung dispute and more. Links Discussed In This Episode: 1. Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 3: 2. iOS 6 Beta 3 Changes And Features: 3. How To Jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 3, 6.0 iPhone 4,3Gs & iPod Touch 4: 4. Judge Says Samsung’s Tablets Aren’t ‘As Cool’ As The iPad, Apple Must Publish Clarification (UPDATE): 5. New Report Suggests A Smaller 7.85″ iPad With A Low Price Tag Is Coming This Fall: 6. AT&T To Restrict Or Possibly Charge For FaceTime Feature Over 3G/LTE In iOS 6?: 7. 2012 Nexus 7 Android Tablet Unboxing: Stay Updated: Facebook Page: Official Twitter: BestTechInfo’s Twitter: Google+ Page: Personal Google+: Subscribe for new episodes of BestTechInfo and Rumors every Friday night!

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