Dec 192012

Black-Blue Color Semi Hard Carrying Case for Apple ipad + Pink Handsfree Earphone with Screen Protector for ipad + Wristband

  • Safely carry your iPad with this EVA hard shell cube carrying case. This case is made for to just-fit the iPad inside the case.
  • High transparency and colors completely present. High wearability and anti-scraches Utilize Exclusive MF Stamping Technology (details) for Perfect Fitment and Protection . Good-fitting shape, easy stick and no remnant glue Made by environment protection and recycle material. Manufactured from Ultra Thin Transparent Polymer Design for iPad
  • This lightweight stereo earphones allows you to enjoy your music in a trendy fashion. Ear buds fit comfortably in your ear which reduce the noise from the surrounding. Earphone cord is approximately 3.5 ft. long.
  • Suitable for all Apple iPad, iPod, iPod photo, iPod w/ video, iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod Shuffle, Sony PSP, Kindle, Sony eReader, Barnes and Nobles Nook and other music players with 3.5mm earphone / headphone jack.
  • Package includes SumacLife TM Wisdom*Courage Wristband

“This Package includes:
. iPad Cube Case
. Screen Protector
. Pink Handsfree Earphone
.A Wisdom*Courage Wristband.”