Dec 172012

Sneaking Into Donald Trump's Office! -- Earthbound #13

REPOST! Howard Cosell’s appearance was accidentally deleted from the original upload ( 13:25 in the video) — so I went back, and restored it for this re-upload. Thanks for watching. Jon plays the RPG cult-classic, “EarthBound”, on the Super Nintendo, as part of a complete let’s play adventure….

  25 Responses to “Sneaking Into Donald Trump’s Office! — Earthbound #13”

  1. So wait… the signs for SR 40 and 48 where I live are evil! OHIO finally has something to brag about! (aside from a lot of things)

  2. halp me please! Whats the name of earthbounds item that ressurects a character? On final fantasy its phoenix down, but i dont know how to ressurect characters on earthbound!

  3. Not at all; that’s why I used a winking smiley on my comment. Just poking a little good-natured fun; I thought the moment was amusing. :)

  4. Being a Scout myself it’s a little irritating when people mix them up. Besides I said that 3 months ago, is it really that big a deal?

  5. Little nitpicky, aren’t we…? ;)

  6. “Jon, you’re just reciting the 12 points of the scout oath!”
    “Yeah, I know, all right? Shut the frack up!”

    That just struck me funny. :)

    And what is the major malfunction of those Runaway Five guys?! I mean you just got them out of the first hole they dug themselves into and in the very next town on their very next gig they’re right back in the same trouble again…

    And, as you pointed out the last time we saw them onstage, they really should be called the Runaway SIX… :P

  7. This is embarassing, but I did not know who Howard Cosell was before I started watching this LP. Glad I did. He was a really influential guy, and someone important to know about.

  8. باب

  9. Either way, it always brightens my day when he shows up, so I guess it’s a good thing after all. :P

  10. Jon, what is the software you use for the Portal 2 capture?

  11. Can’t wait for next episode need more Howard cossell goodiness

  12. I simply love, love, love THIS SERIES. Howard Cosell remark every time cracks me up!

  13. A show is better than a playlist in every way possible, so I don’t understand your complaint…

    And yes, it can be reached through my homepage, quite easily — and from EVERY video I’ve ever posted on this channel. I really don’t understand where you’re coming from dude… maybe you just suck at navigating YouTube? I don’t know, honest question.

  14. well yes, but that isn’t necessarily a playlist, that’s a show, and you can’t reach through your homepage of your channel. Is there a way to add a tab of some sort to all your shows (such as game time with it’s seasons)

  15. That’s the Scout Law not the Scout Oath, (it helps if you’re paying attention).

  16. Yeah… I’ve been doing that since day one.

    It really unsettling that you haven’t figured this out yet… *SMH*

  17. I like this series, but could you put all of your shows and each let’s play into there own playlist? It would be easier to see each series easier.

  18. Jon, have you ever considered doing the Descent series for PC on Game Time?

  19. Earthbound 2 does exist. Only it’s called Mother 3. And we (America) never got it.

  20. 16:18
    Zing! xD

  21. I got the 12 points fast. I knew it without needing to be explained. Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courtious, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, cleen, and reverent. I’ll take my cookie, but the post isn’t long enough for a potato.

    Sorry about the stupid comment, I couldn’t help myself. Please don’t get angry, unless I misspelled something. If the internet is kind I will never learn.

  22. Thanks for the heads up. With the youtube home page being it’s dip self it seemed like a bunch of videos were removed because I didn’t get to this video and this was my bench mark.

  23. I was gonna say that

  24. I was playing duke nukem forever earlier today. honestly I don’t see why people rag on the game so much, granted i haven’t beaten it so if there’s a stupid end to it then i haven’t seen it, the only complaint i could really see is that it’s nothing like the other duke nukems.

  25. The healing system is broken imo. That ruined it for me. (PSI Healing barely heals ANYTHING)