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[Recorded Dec 10, 2002] “Woz” serves up Apple Computer history in his own unique way. In this lecture and Q&A session, Steve provides a rational understanding of many of the innovations leading to early Apple designs. He looks at the early company structure, the personalities that influenced him, and personalities within the company. In addition, he discusses the reasons he wants to be an engineer for life but not a CEO. An entertaining, informative, and very personal view from one of the founders of a corporate and cultural icon.
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  1. I think Woz believes being a delinquent is good; he’s very smug about it. Perhaps that’s not the point, but it is a fact. Kids may not understand ‘property infringement’ but they know the difference between that’s my house and that one isn’t. Parent’s also know. He says today he’d probably be arrested – that’s an outright lie and he knows it; he knows he won’t be arrested because he continues to break laws and has yet to be arrested. I do agree that this environment is conducive to him;-)>

  2. I think the point of his stories wasn’t that being a delinquent is good, but rather that a lot of the innovation that happen at that time in history, was allowed to happen because of the less restrictive social environment. Raidowaves were free, and school kids playing around had no idea that running wires over fences was property infringement. As he says, today he’d probably be arrested for that stuff, but I’d be willing to bet he also wouldn’t have grown to have the same creative realizations.

  3. How is this good? It’s a funeral on my son’s birthday – the day my life changed forever.
    Woz confesses crime after crime… as he does every time he opens his mouth. All he talks about is himself and his dysfunction. How is this good?

  4. Wiz has to be the nicest classiest guy ever!

  5. I must read iWoz NOW!


  6. Sounds like he had a really cool dad, that probably helped very much.

  7. brilliant!some people r just blessed!

  8. Woz, Peddle, Mensche, Miner were the true pioneers of the personal computer.

  9. woz kinda reminds me of a bear

  10. who is we?

  11. Thank you, Woz. Thanks especially for the Apple ] [ which I got hooked on into computers and programming.

    Woz stopped his telling of Apple’s story with Lisa/Mac; for that, there’s the excellent »folklore« dot org website maintained by ex-Apple employee and member of the Mac design team, Andy Hertzfeld. There are some awesome stories and the occasional photo or early screenshot.

  12. He’s like a GOD that knows what we want!

  13. Yep, I attended this one. Good interview.

    Jose F. Medeiros, San Jose, Cal

  14. these videos are too long but interesting

  15. I met The Woz at 15 y/o in 1983 & worked with him & Bill Gates on ideas for what was known then as the internetwork (I shortened to internet and to net) passed on to the Brain (CERN). The Woz, founder of Unuson Corp & US Music Festival. After Joe Elliott of Def Leppard discovered me in May of ’83, INXS & Motley Crue were brought to meet me both of which performed at the US Fest and how Woz got involved after I started writing songs. I came up with the concepts & named the Ipod, Iphone, etc.

  16. Woz is the inventor of the personal computer! He is amazing! As for Jobs he had the spiel that introduced it to the world! Great pair up but Woz is the genius.

  17. Perhaps, but it’s as if I was saying that without Chuck Peddle from MOS/Commodore (who developed the affordable 6502), Apple wouldn’t have been Apple. Besides, Peddle and his team were also real genius, but they didn’t have a Steve Job with them.

    Woz was doing it only for fun! Jobs created the name and made a real business out of it.

    So my point is, Apple would’ve existed without Jobs but could have most likely existed without Woz. But we’ll never know don’t we.

  18. Superb presentation. Shame this was recorded so poorly.

  19. My left year enjoyed this

  20. H = F3

  21. Steve Jobs is a commercially smart fellow who knew exactly how to exploit the genius of his technically smarter friend.

    No point in debating who is greater.

    With out each of these smart guys, the closest association of the word “apple” to science and technology may be perhaps the story of that fruit causing a bump on Sir Issac Newton’s head. (Which is, BTW, just a story)

  22. Wozniak was a freak, no doubt about it. But as good as he was, there were thousands as brighter as him. He must/should wake up each night to thank Steve Jobs for making things happen.

    Today, I think we can say Apple could have been born without Wozniak or be anybody else in his place. We can’t say the same for Steve Jobs. He was Apple, he is Apple.

    Jobs had the tougher ‘job’. There are hundreds of great products out there but there are only a few who can market and sell it right.

  23. Your absolutely right. Peddle and his team were the real genius.

  24. Funny thing that… The Tom Swift Jr. books that Woz says he liked to read were written by Harriet Addams under the pseudonym Victor APPLEton II.
    Would that be where the company name came from?

  25. does wozniak have a youtube account?