Mr. Saturn Time, BOING! — Earthbound #10

Jon plays the RPG cult-classic, “EarthBound”, on the Super Nintendo, as part of a complete let’s play adventure. In this video, with Jory now a member of the party, Jon battles an evil boogey tent in the still-haunted town of Threed, captures some zombies on flypaper, and heads to Mr. Saturn…

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  1. ness7281992 says:

    Jive talkin’ Mr. Saturn; I never thought of that. I figured you’d use either foreigner accent or ‘tard talk.

  2. PedalingPrince says:

    I gotta love that Russian accent you do; it really helps sell those characters. :)

    Way to leave us on a cliffhanger… or maybe more of a waterfall-hanger… :P It makes me want to cheat on my one-a-day thing and watch the next one, but no… I’ll save tomorrow’s for Halloween. :)

    Once again, really glad I checked this out. :)

  3. misterdigi35 says:

    @ Jon @ 15:22 interesting nerdy fact here. Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the game, actually created the Mr. Saturn font. Didn’t know if you knew, but thought you might find it interesting. His voice is also in the game during the naming menu, when you name the characters. After you select ok his voice is heard as “ok desu ka.” (though I might have misspelled that).

  4. justsomevids444 says:

    Dude this video is great and im assuming all of your others are. Love the hilarious voices! Keep it up

  5. legoboy4271 says:

    decode this: 19118938293e357385a4572359r473t8420h39573945b208726o483040u40284n20823d0284203984 rules! if u decode it, reply with the awnser and i’ll give you a double-decker chocolate cake.

  6. ZeroOdyssey says:

    Sometimes I get confused and think Jory is talking, then I realize its Jon, you guys sound really damn similar.

  7. lightsaberking says:

    once again another thing i find weird but it is because it is different to me, the way you speak when you talk like a Mr. Saturn is strange to me, but that is also cause the original LP of Mother 2 i saw was from the amazing Chuggaaconroy, and he did it a bit differently

  8. Kashii Nirvana says:

    I’m one of the people enjoying this lets play so far, your commentary is very amusing, and I’m subscribing to see the end, keep going. ^.^

  9. BowserwithaShotgun says:

    @Jon I’ll check again, but because you didn’t give a rating on the video it is considered age restricted

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