Release The Kraken! — Earthbound #22

Release The Kraken! -- Earthbound #22

Jon plays the RPG cult-classic, “EarthBound”, on the Super Nintendo, as part of a complete let’s play adventure. In this video, the full group teleports to Dalaam, where their newly acquired Carrot Key allows them access to the a new dungeon, home to “Thunder And Storm”, another dangerous…
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  1. Jon says:

    Because I think of “Clash Of The Titans”, and the many times I quoted that like on the microwave show, and laugh.

  2. rooty says:

    Well you probably know this already but Earthbound is actually Mother 2 (Japanese title), so you could play Mother AKA Earthbound Zero on the NES. Or Mother 3, which is on the GBA (so very SNES-like). Both were Japanese language only, but there are fan translations available online. Alternatively, Contact on the DS is known for having a similar visual style and playful humour to Earthbound. If you’re dead set on playing a SNES game, all I can really think of for now is Gunple AKA Gunman’s Proof.

  3. misterdigi35 says:

    Jons right, there are next to no games like this for the SNES. But I thought I would take this chance to tell you about a couple of games I that grabbed me like this one here, and that would be Earthbound Zero for the NES (otherwise know as MOTHER 1). Super Mario RPG for SNES. Secret of Mana for SNES, and ughh Chrono Trigger (popular to say, but true). Outside of the SNES there’s a couple, but not at all in the same graphical style if that is what you care about.

  4. pmdpaul says:

    Too bad, I already played the crap out of Earthbound right after I saw the first two episodes this LP, seeing you play it is enough of a replay for me :) Thanks by the way for all the effort you put into your PENIS, I really love it!!

  5. pmdpaul says:

    Say Jon, do you know of any games like Earthbound for the SNES? I really enjoy this LP and if there’s a game that’s a lot like it then I would love to buy or download it.

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