Nov 192012

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  1.  u n ur video…

  2. hahaha totally hilarious

  3. lol

  4. This guy is so frickin hilarious, I would literally marry him

  5. Did you not catch the word “Constantly”? Because it doesn’t mean “always” it means a lot, or half the time. I’m mostly just angry on the internet that I know of, but still you’re obviously a troll from the “you lie hardcore lol” so I’m going to block your sad ass and hope you give up on life you worthless shit.

  6. you lie hardcore lol, you would have raged back at me if you really were constantly angry.

  7. What? How did I lie? I do have paranoia, I most likely am a bit schizophranic and I am constantly angry (Probably part of the bi-polar) I didn’t expect my comment to make it to top comment, but okay it did so what though? It’s just a top comment, there is nothing to be excited about that, I just wanted to tell him thanks. You don’t have to be an ass about it just because I got a top comment and you didn’t.

  8. That face! 00:48

  9. amggg i seriously duno how he manages to do this shit, if i attempted this at all i’d be laughing to much!

  10. Nice lie to make it to the top comment.

  11. I love you dude!

  12. @cmrzlss s you are right. i seriously couldnt believe when my brother say this to me. Listen to this, my step mom used to receive an amount every month for taking some tests and surfing web. i found it here <<<

  13. thumb up if you think steve kardynal sings better than katy perry

  14. People like you make my day so much better :D

  15. New katty perry’s style! Haha, man you’re cool!

  16. Wow Katy Perry got hot!

  17. Still laughing

  18. Dont u ppl feel stupid filming him he got u in his video lol

  19. Is he even singing or just moving his lips?

  20. No offense but… THAT OUTFIT IS UGLY!!!

  21. Well not personally, but what I’m saying is I’m not E.T.

  22. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

  23. Pure Bravery.

  24. Raughing!

  25. It’s a dude in a dress dancing and you ask the point?
    Cross dressing has always been funny, Queen did it, Monty Python did it, Rocky Horror did it.
    It’s funny XD