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  1. Cierinal says:

    Did you not catch the word “Constantly”? Because it doesn’t mean “always” it means a lot, or half the time. I’m mostly just angry on the internet that I know of, but still you’re obviously a troll from the “you lie hardcore lol” so I’m going to block your sad ass and hope you give up on life you worthless shit.

  2. Cierinal says:

    What? How did I lie? I do have paranoia, I most likely am a bit schizophranic and I am constantly angry (Probably part of the bi-polar) I didn’t expect my comment to make it to top comment, but okay it did so what though? It’s just a top comment, there is nothing to be excited about that, I just wanted to tell him thanks. You don’t have to be an ass about it just because I got a top comment and you didn’t.

  3. collwyr says:

    amggg i seriously duno how he manages to do this shit, if i attempted this at all i’d be laughing to much!

  4. LiquidSnakePL says:

    @cmrzlss s you are right. i seriously couldnt believe when my brother say this to me. Listen to this, my step mom used to receive an amount every month for taking some tests and surfing web. i found it here <<< bit.ly/XQtX6a?=wyfzzwk

  5. OffensiveMe says:

    It’s a dude in a dress dancing and you ask the point?
    Cross dressing has always been funny, Queen did it, Monty Python did it, Rocky Horror did it.
    It’s funny XD

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