May 162011

Computers description: I want to restart my computer. The tower is built in so it is just the size of a monitor. The mouse has one clicker and the keyboard is normal. They both connect to the sides of the computer with USB things. There are built in speakers on the right and left side. I just want to know how to make it back to factory settings. Like as if I just got it from the store. Like that. HOW DO I TOTALLY CLEAR OUT EVERYTHING FROM MY APPLE I MAC COMPUTER?????
Please tell me how to fix it. PLEASE! I live about 6 hours away from the nearest apple store!
It is called mac g3. I need the info off of it. Or, just tell me how to make a new password for the internet without knowing to old password! If you answer me, i will give you my password for a roller coaster tycoon 3 platinum account. ONLY IF I LIKE THE ANSWER! PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!

  3 Responses to “How do I totaly restart my apple imac computer? I REally need help!?”

  1. take it to the apple store. I’m sure they will help you…

  2. boot your iMac from the system DVD and once there, you can launch Disk Utility from the menu. From Disk Utility you can not only erase the hard drive, but you can choose to write zero everywhere. Doing this you eliminate every trace of your data. But it is going to take quite some time, depending on how large is your disk.

  3. Use your Install DVD to run Erase and Install Mac OS X.
    Insert DVD > double click on it’s icon > choose Install Mac OS X and Included Software > hit Restart.
    I think that’s how it’s done. If not, then restart while holding down the C key until you get to the Choose Your Language page.